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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Clay pots for cooking online india

Clay pots for cooking online india

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Benefits of Using Clay Pots in Cooking:

In olden days earthenware was used for cooking purpose and storing water .In olden days earthenware has been intrinsic part of the Indian household.In the earthen ware so that it keeps the water cool.The modern cooking utensils destroy the nutrients in our food and introduce poisonous chemical compounds in it. The very reason we eat food is to get the essential nutrients out of it. But if we are destroying most of the nutrition in food while cooking then what's the point of buying all the fancy modern utensils.So Avoid plastic utensils and use earthenware,so that you can save your life.

Now a days we are all using plastic,steel vessels.That's why we are all getting diabetes,cancer,heart attack,thyroid,blood pressure.In olden days they don't have this much of health problems.Make one dish or make dosa or chapati and taste it check the taste of it.Once you start using clay pots, you won’t go back to the poisonous metal and non stick cookware.If you're planning to make use of clay pots for cooking use our tips and make your cooking easier.

A fat free meal is possible while cooking in earthenware vessels as they have a non stick property. This helps in lesser usage of oil while cooking in clay pots, and also helps to drop your bad cholesterol and a slimmer waistline.An added advantage is that this also helps you reduce the use of salt.Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer, tender and fresher than conventional cooking. This is unique to clay cooking and helps carry spices and seasoning much deeper into the food, giving it that extra special touch in flavor.

Inexpensive and easily available:

In india we get easily earthenware utensils,not very much expensive and we can also find earthenwares in different types and different shapes,sizes also.You can also get them in online they delivered to door without can find in as earthenware cookware,earthenware dinnerware,earthenware bowl ,coffee pot,clay cooker, clay dosa pan,clay rice cooker,Clay Biryani pot, Chapati Tawa,clay fry pan,Handi for curry making,Handi for milk,Clay Kadhai,clay Dahi handi,clay fridge,clay water filter,clay water bottles,clay glasses,Pizza claymaker/clay Pizza oven .These are earthenware utensils you can get online also with in  different sizes and shapes also.

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Lesser Usage of Oil in earthenware:

[caption id="attachment_4014" align="alignnone" width="300"]Clay Curry Pot Clay pots for cooking online india Clay pots for cooking online india[/caption]

Earthenware utensils takes less oil which is good for human health.Clay has natural non-stick properties.The process of cooking in a clay pot is similar to that of steaming. When clay pot is soaked in the cold water and then heated allows slow evaporation of steam from its pores. It provides plenty of moisture and eliminates the need of adding extra oil or liquid. The food cooks in its own natural juices.

Nutrients are preserved in earthenware:

Cooking in Earthenware utensils gives Nutrients are preserved foods.Clay is porous in nature.Clay pots take a longer time to heat than metal pots. This even and slow cooking plays very important role in retaining nutrients inside the food.In clay pots moisture and heat circulate evenly through the pot while cooking.So it protects nutrients inside in the food.CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute) Lab in Lucknow in India done a research on Earthenware utensils and they proved Earthenware utensils are good for health.They cooked daal in normal pressure cooker and Earthenware cooker and tested Nutrition values of both found pressure cooker nutrition values are only 13% present in the raw Daal were left and in earthenware pot 100% micro nutrient values found,that is the magic of clay pot cooker.So,essentially change your cooking style use only Earthenware utensils for our good health.Roasts and stews are cooked well in earthen pots.

[caption id="attachment_1854" align="alignnone" width="300"]Yogurt curd in clay pot foodbheem Yogurt/ curd in clay pot[/caption]

Ensures flavor food by slow cooking in earthenware:

Food cooked in a clay pot with a lid on it gets an intense and rich flavor.whether we make an tandoor or make an simple curry in handi or make an dosa or chapati on tawa the taste will be most different and amazing flavor. The porous nature of a clay pot makes it retain moisture and heat within the pot itself ensuring a dish that is perfectly cooked and full of flavour.This aids in even, slow and delicate cooking.Specially earthy taste and aroma is very Amazing and unique.In olden days we use pot for boiled milk or for making,that it enhance the flavor and taste of the milk and curd.It is really unforgettable sweet taste of grand mothers.

PH balance of the food/ Alkaline nature of clay:

Clay as a material has alkaline properties.Cooking in clay pots is said to give you all the calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sulphur and several other compounds that our body benefits from. It neutralizes the pH balance of the food by interacting with acids in food. Acidic foods like tomatoes will take some natural sweetness and give the food a fantastic taste when cooked with earthenware vessels.

How to use of  earthenware:

[caption id="attachment_2132" align="alignnone" width="300"]how to use earthenware cookware foodbheem how to use earthenware cookware[/caption]

Handis or clay pots that have been fired to a point and glazed make them more heat resistant. You can easily use these to cook your daily meals on a gas burner. Rice,dal pulao or curry even non veg dishes also,you can make it all in an earthenware pot. But follow the trick is first keep the flame low and eventually raise the temperature as sudden changes in temperature may cause the handi to crack. Slow cooking in a handi imparts a delicious earthy flavour of the food.

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