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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Top 10 Baby Diaper Brands Different Brands of Diapers

Top 10 Baby Diaper Brands Different Brands of Diapers

[caption id="attachment_3945" align="alignnone" width="300"]TOP 10 BABY DIAPER BRANDS DIFFERENT BRANDS OF DIAPERS TOP 10 BABY DIAPER BRANDS DIFFERENT BRANDS OF DIAPERS[/caption]

Parents have to get many things for their newborns, diapers appearing the most imperative.Keeping Baby comfortable and avoiding diaper rash. Expect to become a diaper-slinging pro, since newborns typically soil ten or more diapers a day. That’s more than 300 changes in the first month. But who’s counting?

When it comes to children we want nothing but the best. Getting good products from trusted brands are safe and manufactured with good ingredients and compounds that will not cause any harm to the baby.

Some brands tend to sell products that are severely overpriced but they are not our focus for today. Today we will be covering a range of baby diapers that offer good value for money and are made using safe materials.

Different children need different type of diapers, thus to pinpoint on a particular brand will not do justice to the others. Yet we can certainly attempt you to give a general idea of the best baby diaper brands. Here is a small buying guide and the some of the best baby diaper brands available.

Our Top 10 Baby Diaper Brands research will save your time to choose the perfect one for your baby.


Huggies is the leading diaper brand in India which has introduced several different diaper series such as Wonder pants, dry taped diapers, overnight diapers and so on. Huggies is the first and foremost brand which created “Diaper fever” among Indian parents. These are skin friendly diapers and the first diaper brand to come with “Wetness indicator”. Other unique features that are meant only for Huggies diapers are “Umbilical cord cut out”, “Disney designs” and “Gentle absorbing liner”.Give your baby great protection for a great benefit with HUGGIES Size One Snug & Dried out Diapers. This product has long-lasting leakage cover for up to 12 hours. The design is new fun with mickey mouse feature.


2.Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads:

First selling disposable nursing pads in the US. Lansinoh® Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads feature a quilted honeycomb lining that provides leak proof coverage. A unique breathable waterproof layer keeps clothing protected, and the contoured shape ensures a comfortable and discreet fit even when wet. Each pad is individually wrapped and has two adhesive strips to keep the pad in place.

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

3. Pampers:

It has 3 different size Size 1, Size 2 and for the newborn. It also includes a color-changing wetness indicator that lets you know whenever your baby might need a transformation.

In order to avoid suffocation, hold all plastic material bags from babies and kids. In the event that you notice gel-like materials on your own baby’s skin, avoid being alarmed. This comes from the diaper padding and will be easily taken out by wiping your baby’s epidermis with a soft, dried out cloth.
A new entrant in the market, Pampers within no time has gained the trust and confidence of the parents due to its innovative thinking. Pampers is yet another best baby diaper brands that is comfortable and leak proof. The aim of this brand is to maintain the quality and provide value for money to the customers. In order to strengthen its place in a highly competitive market and take the leading edge Pampers often keeps coming up with discounts and offers.



Himalayas is a very famous and trusted baby products in India which sells variety of products such as Baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby powders, baby diapers and so on.

Among them, Himalayas baby diapers are made up of ingredients such as Aloe vera, Yashada Bhasma that protects that baby’s skin from any microbial infection and any irritation.

Also, it has special anti-rash shield that prevents any diaper rashes that may occur due to frequent usage.

Himalaya Daipers

5.MamyPoko Pants:

This Japanese brand of baby diapers has surpassed many other leading diaper brands and has gained significant place in Indian market. Mamy Poko Pants is one of the best baby diaper brands that manufacture pant style diapers. These pant style diapers have to be simply pulled up and does not require any stickers or tapes as in the conventional diapers.

These come in handy for parents who have active babies and resist wearing diapers. They are highly absorbent without a lot of bulk, and fit snugly.

As that of its name which sounds really unique and different, its diaper also comes with tender soft material with extra absorbing capacity, soft elastic with no tapes that may hurt your baby’s waist. It gives special protection to your baby’s legs through soft leg gathers which prevents leakage around the thighs.

MamyPoko Pants


This is one of the fastest selling diaper brands in Indian market. This diaper is specialized in 3 dimensional leakage protection and made up of breathable fabric like material that can absorb more wetness all time.

Also, they are skin friendly, long lasting diapers with comfortable elastic belt.

The latest version called as “Dance collection” comes with graphic designs that make the diaper more attractive.

Shop the Libero baby diaper from the below links.


7. Mee Mee Diapers:

Parenting today has become one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Mee Mee aims to make this journey of the new parents easier, enjoyable and less challenging.

These diapers are new in market but have gained more popularity as soon as it entered for sale.

Mee Mee Diapers are made up of cloth like breathable fabric that can absorb multiple wettings and contains ingredients such as Aloe vera and Vitamin E that keeps your baby’s skin healthy and fresh.

It is made up of special leak proof technology which makes your baby so happy to crawl, walk, stand, roll around your room.

It does those by providing well designed, quality baby diapers. Shop the Mee Mee baby diaper from the below links.

Mee Mee Diapers

8.Luvs Ultra Leakguards Newborn Diapers:

Luvs diapers defend baby from leaks at the reduced price tag you’re looking for complete with a money-back warranty.

That’s because Luvs knows that between laundry, take updates, snack circumstances, and nap situations, you don’t have a period for leaks.

These affordable diapers are a solid choice according to BabyList users. They protect against leakage and fit as well as other traditional diaper brands, but without the expense.

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Newborn Diapers

9.Pigeon Diapers:

These are made up of unique slim fit technology that greatly fits your baby keeping the baby dry and irritation free and prevents from any leakage.

It is made up of non woven fabric with easily breathable back sheets which helps in keeping the baby’s butt always dry.

Also, it has an unique cool care system that allows fresh air circulation through the pores of the diapers.

One of the best baby diaper brands it keeps the baby skin rash free giving the comfortable and soft cloth feel.

Pigeon Diapers

10.Nature Babycare Eco-Diapers:

Nature Babycare diapers are a great pick for parents that are concerned about the environment.

It is an eco-friendly product protected by a Swedish patent made using only green and biodegradable materials.

It does not use any kind of oil-based plastics and it has a leak-free design that also feels comfortable.

Due to its new design, the model does not become bulky when absorbing liquid and comes in 7 sizes as well as different unit count options.

A lot will find it a bit surprising and uncommon but the diapers are quite stiff.

Most likely this happens because of the use of bamboo for the diapers.

Nature Babycare Eco-Diapers

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