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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Curd chillies Dahi mirchi Majjiga Mirapakayalu

Curd chillies Dahi mirchi Majjiga Mirapakayalu Challa Mirapakayalu

[caption id="attachment_3870" align="alignnone" width="300"]Dahi mirchi Majjiga Mirapakayalu¬†Challa Mirapakayalu foodbheem Dahi mirchi Majjiga Mirapakayalu Challa Mirapakayalu[/caption]

A very simple fryum you could make with less effort in summer season.Apart from making pickles during summer time, making sandige /vadams /vadis and papads to stock up for the entire year is another big process in every south Indian home.As you all know , this summer i shared many such special recipes . In this series am continue with Dahi Mirchi. It Also called as Challa Mirapakayalu,Curd chillies,oora mirapakayalu,dry stuffed mirchi.Dry stuffed mirchi Fryums are very crispy and spicy fryums and it is a very perfect accompaniment for any variety rice. Even with a simple rasam,sambar or with mudda pappu/plain dal.A very simple fryum you could make with less effort in summer season.

Dahi Mirchi or Challa Mirapakayalu is one of my favourite fryum varieties. Curd is called as Challa, perugu or Majjiga in telugu and Green Chillies as Mirapakayalu. It is also called Sukhi Dahi Mirchi in Hindi and Sun Dried Curd Chillies in english. These are usually made during hot and scorching summers as it is the perfect time for the chillies to get dried up completely.

Mirapakayalu/Chillies are part of Andhra cuisine. We get two varieties of them one is fresh green ones and the other is dried red ones.We get two varieties of them one light green and the other a little dark. Darker chilies are a bit spicy and lighter ones less spicy. We should pick the chilies according to our taste. Making them is required a simple process of one week to ten days.

Challa Mirapakayalu:

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Drying Time: 1-2 Days
Fraying Time (for a batch of 50g): 3-4 mins
Total Time: 5 Days 15 mins
Serves: Makes 150-200 gm
Course: Accompaniments, Vadiyalu
Cuisine: Andhra Recipes, Indian


Green chillies - 1/2 kg or 500 grms
Sour curd Half kg (Sour Buttermilk  500 ml)
Salt - to taste


Wash green chilles thoroughly. Wipe and dry them for 2 hours.Keeping the stalks and also ends intact slit them vertically with a safety pin. We can also use sharp edged tomato knife to cut them. No need to remove the seeds.Now take the curd and beat it well. Add salt and 2 glasses of water to it. Mix well. Or you can take directly sour butter milk.Take it into a large container.

Urban Platter Dried Curd Chilly, 100g


[caption id="attachment_3871" align="alignnone" width="300"]Curd chillies foodbheem Curd chillies[/caption]

In a big vessel take buttermilk, add salt. Mix it well. Add the chillies.Cover and marinate them for 2 days.Mix them once in a day. The buttermilk and chillies both change their texture and colour. After two days of soaking, squeeze them (keeping the buttermilk separately) with the hands and put them to dry under the sun till evening. In the evening drop them in the buttermilk. The chillies absorbs the buttermilk. Repeat the above process till the chillies absorbs the entire buttermilk. It may take 3 to 5 days or less than that.This process may take 5 to 7 days depending on the heat of the sun and the area to dry. We can store them for full year.Heat little oil to fry them. Fry them till they turn into light brown colour. Serve these yummy yummy chiliies with curd rice,dal,sambar.

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  • I suggest to use the light green colored green chillies for this as they are less spicy.

  • Few make a stuffing with cumin powder and dhania powder.

  • For more less spicy remove seeds also.If you want spicy dont remove seeds.

  • If you dont want oil fry you can use air fryer without oil you can fry these fryums. or you can use microwave oven.

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