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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Potato Fryums Potato Wafers Aloo chips

Potato Fryums Potato Wafers Aloo chips

A very simple fryum you could make with less effort in summer season.Apart from making pickles during summer time, making sandige /vadams /vadis and papads to stock up for the entire year is another big process in every south Indian home.As you all know , this summer i shared many such special recipes . In this series am continue with Potato FryumsPotato Fryums are very crispy and tasty fryums and it is a very perfect accompaniment for any variety rice. Even with a simple rasam.A very simple fryum you could make with less effort in summer season.

Potato Fryums/Potato wafers/Potato chips:

Sun dried Potato chips are made in two patterns ,one is plain sliced and one is with the crisscross pattern . For making the crisscross pattern you need a potato slicer with a serrated blade but you can make the plain one with any potato slicer, mandolin, with a food processor or even with a sharp knife.

After slicing, the chips should be washed thrice to remove the starch completely and then blanched in hot water. It is preferred to dry them in direct sunlight but you can also dry them inside a room. Try to choose good quality, fresh, white and starchy potatoes as the quality of potatoes also effects the quality and color of the potato chips.

[caption id="attachment_3851" align="alignnone" width="300"]potato fryums foodbheem potato fryums/chips foodbheem.com[/caption]

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Drying Time: 2-3 Days
Fraying Time (for a batch of 50g): 3-4 mins
Total Time: 5 Days 15 mins
Serves: Makes 150-200 gm
Course: Accompaniments, Vadiyalu
Cuisine: Andhra Recipes, Indian


Potato  as many as you want
Salt  to taste
Alum powder /phitkari – 1 /4 tsp
Chili powder to sprinkle
Serrated potato slicer /mandolin
Water  to boil
Muslin cloth or plastic sheet

[caption id="attachment_3852" align="alignnone" width="300"]Potato Wafers foodbheem Potato Wafers foodbheem.com[/caption]


Wash and peel the potato skin.You can make with skin also.Fill enough water in a large pot and add alum powder in it and mix well.Make chips With the the help of potato chips slicer.For the crisscross pattern you have to use the serrated potato slicer.for this you have to put peeled potato on the slicer and then slice a chip by applying slight pressure on it.If you want to make plain chips then you can use any normal potato slicer or a sharp knife.
Keep soaking all the potato chips in the water filled bowl in which you have mixed alum for about an hour.When you finished making all the chips then drain the water and wash the chips three times in fresh water so that all excess starch is removed and  you will see the water will be clear unlike the prior washes where the water will have milky traces of starch.Boil enough water in a big pan and add some salt(enough to make the water taste salty) and a pinch of alum powder.When water starts to boil add the drained potatoes in it.Keep stirring gently till the water starts boiling again (for 2-3 minutes).


Drain the blanched potato chips over a colander to drain all the water.Spread hot chips on a muslin cloth in a single layer,avoid overlapping.They will dry in about 2 days time or depending on the heat in the climate.When they become dry and crisp store in a air tight jar or container for year long.

Heat enough oil in a wide pan.When the oil is hot add some sun dried chips and fry .Drain on a paper towel to remove excess oil. Sprinkle red chilies powder or chat masala.

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  • Alum is added to make chips white in color as some times potato chips turn slightly black after drying.But don’t add too much else the chip may become red while frying.

  • You can add any spice of your choice on the fried chips, you can add dry mint powder, mango powder, pepper powder,black salt, roasted cumin powder, dry tomato powder, chat masala on fried chips to enhance the flavor.

  • If you dont want oil fry you can use air fryer without oil you can fry these fryums. or you can use microwave oven.


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