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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Jackfruit Husk Curry Panasa Pottu Kura Aava Petti Panasa Pottu Kura

Jackfruit Husk Curry /Panasa Pottu Kura/Aava Petti Panasa Pottu Kura

Panasa/Jackfruit serves as an excellent protective agent against viral and bacterial infections due to the presence of Vitamin C,Vitamin A.,vitamin B6 and lot of Magnesium,potassium,iron.Enriched with phytonutrients, like lignans, isoflavones and saponins that contain anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties.

[caption id="attachment_4256" align="alignnone" width="300"]Jackfruit Husk Curry Panasa Pottu Kura Jackfruit Husk Curry Panasa Pottu Kura www.foodbheem.com[/caption]

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 15 mins
Total Time: 25 mins
Serves: 4
Cuisine: South Indian Recipe
Course: Main Course Vegetarian
Category: Vegetarian Recipe
Level of cooking: Easy
Taste: Mild spicy


300 grams Jackfruit Raw (Kathal)
1/2 cup Bengal Gram(Split)
1 tbsp Cooking oil
1 tbsp Black Urad Dal (Split)
1/2 tbsp Cumin (Jeera) seeds
1/2 tbsp Mustard seeds
2 Dry red chillies
1/4 tbsp Asafoetida (Optional)
1 sprig Curry leaves
1 tbsp of mustard powder
1/4 tbsp Turmeric powder
Red Chili Powder – 1/4tsp
Salt to taste


Sharp sickle (called as koithi in Konkani) or a sharp knife.
Coconut oil or any other oil to grease your palm
Few bowls to hold chopped raw jackfruits and the discarded skin.
Tissue papers
Cooker or pan


Wash the jackfruit.cut the raw jackfruit. In order to do that we have to first, grease our hands and the knife that we are going to use, with some oil.This important tip ensures that the hands don't get sticky from the natural fruit latex/sap present in the fruit does not get onto your hands and makes the cutting process hassle-free.Take chopped raw jackfruit into a bowl and add salted water to avoid discolouration of the fruit.


In a pan Pour 1/2 litre water and boiled it.Add 2 tsp oil and turmeric powder in it.Add chopped panasa pottu and mix it thoroughly.Keep the stove in medium and cover the pan with lid.After 10 minutes open the lid and mix it thoroughly.switch off the stove.Let the curry warm.Now once the curry is warm, separate or filter water from the curry.

Let it dry for 5 minutes.Take another pan add oil in it.Add bengal gram, black gram, mustard, red chili pieces and fry it till golden brown color is seen.Add green chili pieces/dry red chillies, curry leaves, hing and fry it till green chili becomes soft.Now add the dry curry, salt and mix it well.Cover the pan with lid and leave it for 5 minutes.Remove the lid after 5 mins mix it well again.Spread mustard powder and chopped coriander.Switch off the stove and cover the pan with lid for 5 minutes.Traditional and tasty Aava pettina Panasa Pottu kura is ready to serve.

How to choose the perfect Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is the largest tree fruit in the world. A ripe jackfruit tastes like banana and is sweet in taste. The unripe jackfruit doesn’t taste sweet and doesn’t give any aroma. The ripe jackfruit gives off a strong and sweet smell.You can use jackfruit in many dishes. You can add it as a topping for pizza and tacos. Use the sweet jack to make desserts. In India, famous jackfruit dishes are kathal ki sabji, panasa pottu Kura, jackfruit poriyal etc.

For beginners, prepping the jackfruit is a difficult task. But by using proper technique and tools, you can easily prepare it for cooking.Remember to apply oil on your hands and knife before slicing the jack.


you can add little bit of tamarind for good taste.

Calories and nutritional values jackfruit husk curry:

[caption id="attachment_4257" align="alignnone" width="140"]Jackfruit Husk Curry Panasa Pottu Kura Aava Petti Panasa Pottu Kura Jackfruit Husk Curry Panasa Pottu Kura Aava Petti Panasa Pottu Kura www.foodbheem.com[/caption]


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