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Monday, August 27, 2018

Jatamansi Uses and Benefits-Ayurvedic Herbs

Jatamansi Uses and Benefits-Ayurvedic Herbs

Jatamansi is a natural brain nervine tonic and a memory enhancer, which has calming, peacefulness and relaxation features. It is an endangered ayurvedic medical herb had been used since the ancient times for many medicinal purposes. In the market, it is available in the form of root, oil and powder. Nardostachys Jatamansi is a known calming herb in Ayurveda and Unani because of its medicinal values. A number of studies have been done for its efficacy in respect of nervous system.

In ayurveda, it is prescribed against stress, spasm, epilepsy, convulsion and hysteria. In fact, it is one of the excellent herbs to treat epilepsy. The relaxing herb is known by different names like Jatamansi, spikenard, nard, nardin, muskroot, balchar, sumbul-ut-teeb, sambul lateeb. Jatamansi is consisted of two words: Jata means dreadlocks and manasi indicates towards human. It comes under the family of Valerianaceae. It has been found in the Himalayan region.The herb grows in the high altitudes (3,000-5000 m) of the eastern Himalayas. It has pink, bell-shaped flowers.

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Jatamansi Benefits:

Anti Inflammatory:

One of the best health benefits of Jatamansi is that it relieves inflammation in the body. A big cause of disease is inflammation, and it can damage your brain, lungs and gut.Not only that, inflammation is linked to asthma, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, arthritis, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.Medical research shows that Jatamansi is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Cardiac health:

It ensures good cardiac condition as observed in mice.

Hair growth:

The extract of jatamansi oil is helpful in the growth of hair. It is beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair too. It is used to improve complexion and ensures glowing and shining looks to the body. The root of the powder in water when applied promotes skin texture.

Stress Buster, Calming Agent and Mood Improver:

In Ayurveda, Jatamansi is a natural antidepressant and is used to treat headaches and depression.Jatamansi oil relaxes and the body and mind. It soothes the skin and naturally cools down the body’s heat. It brings peace to people struggling with anger and violent feelings. It brings calm to a restless mind and acts as a stress buster.

A womens herb:

Jatamansi has been a woman’s herb for centuries in the Ayurvedic tradition.It supports female reproductive & hormonal health. It relieves cramps, eases period pain and makes your monthly cycle regular. It is used to stimulate, cleanse and treat inflammation of the uterus.Jatamansi is nature’s gift for healthy ovaries because it balances the production of estrogen and progesterone, the two main hormones secreted by the ovaries. It is also used as an aphrodisiac to cure impotence.

Blood Pressure Lowering:
Using Jatamansi is a natural way to treat hypertension or high blood pressure. Controlling your blood pressure and keeping it under check is crucial for good health.The higher your blood pressure, the more chances you have of getting heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure.Jatamansi naturally lowers high blood pressure by dilating the arteries. And since Jatamansi is high in antioxidants, it reduces oxidative stress and brings your overall stress levels down.


The essential oil of it acts against fungus like Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger.

Liver problems:

it shows hepatoprotective effects along with momordica charantia and ferula asafetida.

Memory and learning:

The medicinal plant is helpful in enhancing the faculties of the brain and combats the mental problems thus impart calm and peace to mind. It is one of the effective medicinal roots to subsidies the three humors-Vata, Pitta and Kapha and provides delightful state to the doshas of the body.Liver problems: it shows hepatoprotective effects along with momordica charantia and ferula asafetida.

jatamansi has Anticancer Effects:
Jatamansi caused triggered cell death of breast cancer cells and prevented their growth.Jatamansi stops nerve tissue cancer growth and increases the activity of p53, a protein that helps prevent cancers from forming.

Stress buster:

The plant has the power to reduce stress, anxiety and tension by balancing biochemical reactions in the body. It is good to have the mind cool and healthy and acts as one of the finest mind rejuvenator tonic. It facilitates sound sleeping thus good for those who have stressful life.

Liver problems:

It shows hepatoprotective effects along with momordica charantia and ferula asafetida.

Jatamansi Protects Against Radiation:
Jatamansi taken 15 days before exposure to radiation reduced radiation sickness in mice. It also reduced stress and protected against DNA damage caused by radiation.Radiation is often used to treat certain cancers. However, radiation therapy is known to increase the risk for other diseases in the circulatory system.Jatamansi protected against damage to the blood and lymph tissues caused by radiation in mice.

Jatamansi Uses:

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It is used to impart black colour to hair and prevents greying of hair. Its medicated oil with almond is highly useful for smooth and silky hair.
It is beneficial for hyperactive children and helpful to reduce hyperactivity, restlessness and aggressiveness.
It is therapeutically very important, alleviates pain and swelling and shows the properties like carminative and aromatic.
It has hepatoprotective characteristics thus useful in hepatitis, prevent enlargement of liver and jaundice.
The oil helps to relax and calm the body and mind thereby ensures to relieve from headache and migraine.
Its underground stem is used in preparation of powerful aromatic essential oil.
The root of the plant is used in making of oil to treat insomnia and birth related problems.
It is used as analgesic and diuretic in Unani.
Used as making of perfumes and dies.
The root of the powder is used to treat intestinal worms.

Jatamansi Side effects:

People suffering from hypersensitivity should avoid the using of it.
Consuming excess of jatamansi leads to vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain.
It may also cause urinary problems if it is taken in excess.
Nausea and colic is also common if heavy doses are given.
Pregnant as well as lactating mother should avoid it.

Jatamansi Dosage:

Powder:1 to 3 grams in divided doses with honey,ghee or water.

Jatamansi oil:
Jatamansi oil effectively treats inflammation from colds sores and acne within a few hours. When applied to the skin, a report is reduction in wrinkles and more youthful appearance.The oil helps users naturally treat headaches, anxiety, and pain. Many users apply Jatamansi oil to the legs after exercise to treat leg cramps and sore feet. A report it also works great as a sleep aid and natural treatment for insomnia.

Buying  Jatamansi Products:

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Jatamansi plant:

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Jatamansi capsules:

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