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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rogan Josh Recipe

Rogan Josh Recipe

Mutton/chicken rogan josh is a world famous Indian delicacy which is native to Kashmir. This signature Kashmiri non vegetarian recipe makes your meal even more special with exceptional flavors to relish.Rogan Josh was traditionally a dish enjoyed during winters. Made with a blend of spices, which are generally warm in nature and s prepared using slow cooking method. The best thing about this Kashmiri delicacy is that it can be prepared with some authentic spices, this Mutton delicacy is unique and has a light gravy with a strong aroma of spices. Prepared using the slow cooking method, this easy Mutton Rogan Josh recipe tastes best when served with Sheermal, Naan, Roti, Rice, Biryani and Raita.

Preparation Time: 10-20 mins
Cooking Time: 1 hr
Total Time: 1 hr 20 mins
Serves: 4
Cuisine: Kashmiri Recipe,Indian Recipe
Course: Main Course Non Vegetarian/Dinner
Category: Non Vegetarian Recipe
Level of cooking: Medium
Taste:  Spicy

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2 1⁄2 cm fresh ginger, peeled and coarsely chopped/dry ginger powder 1tbsp
8 garlic cloves, peeled
10 tbsps vegetable oil/ghee
5  cups of water
1 kg lamb or 1 kg stewing beef or 1kg diced chicken
8 whole cardamom pods
2 bay leaves
6 whole cloves
10 whole peppercorns
2 1⁄2 cm cinnamon sticks
4 medium onions, peeled and finely chopped
1 tbsp ground coriander
2 tbsps cumin seeds
4 tbsps paprika
1 tbsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp salt
1⁄2 cup plain yogurt
1⁄4 tbsp garam masala
fresh ground pepper
asafoetida (heeng) pinch
Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 tbsp/red chilli


Large bowl
Large bottom pan/Heavy pot


Put the Ginger and garlic in blender and blend until smooth paste,add some water if need.


In a wide heavy pot/Large bottom pan heat oil in a medium heat, brown the meat cubes in several batches and set to one side. Add the cardamom, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon into the same hot oil  and hing,cumin seeds stir once and wait until the cloves swell and the bay leaves begin to take on colour,cumins will popup.Now add the onions. Stir well and fry for few minutes until they turn a medium brown colour.Add the ginger garlic paste and stir for 1 min.Add the coriander, paprika cayenne, and salt,red chilli powder. Stir and fry for few seconds.

Now add the fried meat cubes and juices.Stir for few seconds, now add 1 tbsp of yoghurt, stir until well blended.Add the remaining yoghurt. Stir well and fry for two to three minutes.Now add 2 cups water if your cooking lamb or chicken and 5 cups of water if your cooking beef. Bring to the boil, scraping all the browned spices off the sides and bottom of the pot. Cover and cook on low for an hour if your cooking chicken or lamb and 2 hours if cooking beef or until meat is tender.Sprinkle the garam masala and black pepper over the meat Every 10 minutes give the meat a good stir. When the meat is tender take off the lid, turn the heat up to medium, and boil away some of the liquid.Garnish it with fresh coriander leaves and red chillies.Serve hot with naan or rice.


Traditional Kashmiri Rogan Josh has thin gravy and a thick layer of oil on top. This dish is best enjoyed with steaming hot boiled rice. Quality of meat plays an important role in this dish. Select meat with a lot of fat.

Nutrition values and calories of Rogan Josh Recipe:

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[caption id="attachment_4318" align="alignnone" width="205"]chicken Rogan Josh foodbheem chicken Rogan Josh[/caption]

Nimkish Mutton Rogan Josh Masala, 50g


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