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Monday, September 17, 2018

Easy Modak Recipe

Modak Recipe

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For the filling or puran for modak Recipe:

1 Cup Coconut, grated
1 Cup Jaggery (powdered)
A pinch of Nutmeg(optional)
A pinch of Saffron(optional)
2 to 3 green cardamoms powdered

For the shell or outer cover:

1 Cup Water
2 tsp Ghee
1 Cup Rice flour


Heat a pan, add the grated coconut and jaggery powdered.Stir for about five minutes. Add the nutmeg and saffron and green cardamoms powdered, mix well.Cook for another five minutes and keep aside.


In a deep dish, boil water with ghee. Add the salt and flour. Mix well.Cover the dish and cook till its half done.Spread some ghee on the base of a steel bowl and while the dough is still hot, knead it well.Now take a little dough, roll it into a ball, flatten it well , shape the edges into a flower pattern.Put a spoonful of the filling onto the dough and seal it.Put the dumplings in a muslin cloth and steam them for 10- 15  minutes. Serve.

You can try more different types of Modak Recipes.

Calories And Nutrition Values of Modak:

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