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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Navratri Recipes-Best Navratri Vrat Recipes

Navratri Recipes-Best Navratri Vrat Recipes

Navratri, one of the most popular festivals of Hindus, is observed twice in a year. It is a nine-night festival, which is celebrated in the months of Chaitra and Ashwin with the names Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri respectively.

In various parts of India, People observe fasts during Navratri. It is believed that by fasting, once can purify his/her mind, body and soul. During Navratri, markets are flooded with Navratri fast materials, puja products and other d├ęcor items, which are used by devotees during these nine nights.

Navratri Vrat Rules: to start with if possible, clean the house as you are inviting the goddess mother in your house. you can specially clean your house temple and sprinkle ganga water in it.
does not use any onion and garlic in any recipe, no matter other people are keeping fast or not. many devotees keep fast on all nine days.It's not possible for you to keep fast on all nine days then you can try that on each day one person of your family is keeping fast in the house. or you can keep first and last days.During Navratri, a 9-day Hindu festival, many people abstain from wheat and other grains, lentils, onions, garlic, and common salt.

In Navratri Vrat for making fasting recipes Uses rock salt or sendha namak instead of  normal salt.The spices and herbs are used varies from community to community.

Navratri Vrat food list:

Sabudana Khichdi Recipe
Kuttu Ka Dosa
Kuttu Ki Poori
kutta ka paratha
Kuttu pakora/vrat ke pakore
Vrat Wale Chawal Ka Dhokla
Sabudana Vada Recipe (Crispy Sago Fritters)
Sabudana Ladoo
Sabudana Kheer
Paneer kheer
Lauki kheer
papaya halwa
Sweet potato halwa
Ash gourd halwa
banana Rasayana
Apple halwa
pumpkin Halwa
Dry fruit laddu
Vrat ka halwa/singhare(chestnut flour) ka atta and buckwheat
Aloo ki Kadhi
Aloo chaat
Aloo tuk
sun dried potato chips
Palak pakora
Raw banana kofta
Aloo Tamatar Ki Sabzi Recipe / Potato & Tomato Curry
Sweet potato chat
Banana chips
Low Fat Makhana Kheer
Sonth ki Chutney
Carrot Kheer Recipe (Gajar Ki Kheer / Carrot Pudding)
Vrat Wale Paneer Rolls
potato finger chips
farali pattice
coconut ladoo
Sukhi Arbi
Arbi Tikki
Arbi cutlet
Kalakand Recipe (Quick Indian Milk Cake)
Gajar Halwa Recipe /Carrot Halwa
Aloo Methi Recipe / Potatoes with Fenugreek Leaves
Vrat Wale Aloo Rasedar
Carrot Cucumber Raita (Gajar Kakdi Raita) Recipe
Fruit Raita Recipe
Fruit Chaat Recipe
Fruit salad
Fruit Cream Recipe / Indian Fruit & Cream Dessert
Singhare Ke Pakore Recipe
Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa
Farali batata vada
Banana Walnut Lassi
Arbi Kofta with Mint Yoghurt Dip
Samvat rice khichdi/sama ke chawal khichdi
Samvat rice Idli/Sama ke chawal ki Idli/Vrat ki Idli
Samvat rice kheer
Sabudana thalipeeth
vrat wale aloo
Paneer kofta
Dahi aloo
Dahi Arbi
vrat ki kadhi
Arbi masala
Jeera aloo
samvat pulao
vrat ke uttapam
Rajgira paratha
Rajgira ki poori
khatta meetha kaddu
Sabudana pakora
Sabudana tikkis
Sabudana chiwda
Sabudana bhel
Roasted makhana
Potato Makhana

Sundal recipes:

kala chana sundal
legumes or lentils like black eyed peas
white chickpeas sandals
Rajma sundal
moong beans
chickpea sundal
green peas sundal
corn sundal

North Indian navratri specials:
singhare ke atta(chestnut flour)
Rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour)
kuttu ka atta(Buckwheat flour)
sama ke chawal ka atta
Vrat ke chawal(barnyard millet and arrowroot flour)

sweet lassi
watermelon Juice
Mint Juice
shikanji-Indian lemonade
banana milk shake
sweet lime Juice
Muskmelon Juice
mango almond smoothie


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